The Burger Joint


This burger needs no introduction.

The girls and i spent last Friday at the Atlantis hotel (previous post).. Let me just say that when it comes to food, we roll our sleeves up and get down ‘n dirty. After numerous grumbles from our tummies, we went in search for a perfect laid back meal.

As you may know, the hotel doesn’t really do ‘laid back’.. the food court is full of top rated restaurants like the famous Nobu, but we did manage to find a tiny burger joint amidst the extravagance.

The Burger Joint (named after itself!) looked like an ordinary fast food chain with its cheerful staff, stools, and walk-in order policy. I took one look at the one-page menu and realized that this wasn’t just ANY fast food joint, it had that Atlantis gourmet touch to it.. for starters, all the burgers were made from Wagyu beef!!

Being the lovely little meat-devouring carnivore that I am.. I opted for the Outback Burger; braised beef rib on top of a Wagyu beef patty. I balanced it out (or at least tried to) with a side of green salad (who am I kidding?!). The girls went for The Works and a Classic Cheese accompanied with a giant tub of perfectly salted crispy fries.

I took one look at that beautiful tower of a burger and just knew that my search for the perfect burger was complete… the braised rib just melts in your mouth and the spicy corn relish salsa gives it that extra oomph. As for the girls, they didn’t care much for their burgers, guess I chose the bestseller lucky me.

Drop by The Burger Joint, order the Outback Burger and thank me! xx


IMG_5439 IMG_5438IMG_5440IMG_5441

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