Taste of Dubai


cake and taste 038

It was another busy weekend in Dubai last week with the Taste of Dubai festival. With 30 of the city’s top rated restaurants all in one place, your only option is to EAT (a 10 course meal)!

We headed out there on Friday morning, not the wisest choice with the scorching sun.. You’d think an Arab would be used to such weather by now. The place was buzzing with hungry people, smoking grills and the aroma was just hypnotizing.



We power-walked along the endless food stalls, restaurants such as Nobu, Seafire, TBJ, Armani, PF Changs were all serving their signature dishes.. Good thing is the portions were quite small giving us the chance to try more than one type of cuisine.


We ate crumbly french bread with various olive dips..


Pigged out on miniature ‘outbacks’ from TBJ..


Then decided our day wouldn’t be complete without some old-style fish ‘n chips.


Live music blared from the giant speakers as we ate the hours away.


Too bad we missed The Counterfeit Beatles.

Top chefs were busy giving live cooking classes at the Kenwood Culinary School stalls.. But we were too busy staring at these..


The highlight of the day (besides the food) was running into chef Paul of Mango Tree, one of my favourite Thai restaurants in Dubai.


I shared my love of food with him.. And he was more than happy to oblige.


Chef Paul you are a sweetheart!


We carried our stuffed bellies out at around 4 pm! I ended up passing out till 9pm.. But let’s not go there.


For more info on Taste of Dubai, check out their website here.

Haven’t had the pleasure of trying Chef Paul’s mouth-watering dishes? Reserve a table at Mango Tree here.

Till next time xx

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