Did Someone say Cake Smash?!


That magical moment when your baby turns one and you start wondering just how quickly the time has passed… *heart ache*

Khaled is turning 2 this May and i still remember his first birthday like it was just yesterday.I was so emotional; happy that we both made it this far (in one piece) and sad that my tiny little boy was no longer a, tiny little boy!I still remember the moment i saw him for the first time, bundled up in a towel with his eyes pinched shut.. I imagined that moment throughout my 9th months of pregnancy; what I’d do when I’d see him, who he would look like the most (he better look like me!), would i cry? would i laugh? would i feel that natural instant bond?.

The truth is, i totally freaked out when the nurse brought him over. I couldn’t believe that my baby was right there in front of me.. I was shaking so much that i couldn’t even hold him in fear of dropping him! My Hollywood moment of holding my baby in my arms and balling my eyes out from sheer happiness didn’t happen as i expected or imagined.

And then it hit me all of a sudden.. This fragile, moody little creature with a voice twice his size had stolen my heart!

A couple of thousand diaper changes later and my baby was turning ONE!!! Being the perfectionist that i am, i wanted his first birthday photos to be nothing short from perfect of course! Which is why i just had to get him a photo shoot with the utterly amazing, fairy tale photographer Rima Wehbi. I stumbled upon her Facebook page and was just stunned at the amount of talent she had.. Every single picture she took was a piece of art.

I decided to go for a cake smash shoot and contacted her straight away (while obsessing over every cake smash outfit i could find on Etsy). Rima responded on the same day and asked to see his photo as it would help her pick a theme that suited him best. She suggested a little aviator theme which i agreed to instantly (a million scenarios of Khaled posing as an aviator flashing before my eyes…).

The anticipated day had arrived and Rima greeted us with a smile. She had a bunch of props, an outfit and the cutest aviator themed cake waiting for us. Since i already brought an outfit with me (yes, i succumbed to my Etsy obsession), she suggested we take a couple of shots without the cake first and then get him dressed for his cake smash.

The shoot was completely drama-free (from Khaled’s part). He was super comfortable around Rima and was just his usual self; pouts and all. Being the picky boy that he is, the idea of smashing a cake wasn’t amusing to him at all, but Rima managed to get some amazing shots of him in action nonetheless.

The pictures were ready 2 days later and i was ecstatic when i saw them!!!!! They exceeded my expectations and i’m still trying to find a way fit them ALL on Khaled’s wall. Rima is just amazing at what she does, her calm and conducted nature made Khaled feel right at home which added to the beauty of the pictures.

I can’t wait to schedule a family shoot with Rima Wehbi Photography once Khaled turns 2!

Enjoy the pics xx


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