Picnic with Peppa


Once upon a time there was a little boy who was completely obsessed with Peppa Pig. He could watch Peppa Pig episodes for hours (if only his mommy would allow it!). His bookshelf was full of Peppa books and he had perfected some of Peppa’s favorite words:”Deeeeeelicious”,”Hoooray!” and “Muddy Puddles” (which were now his favorite words as well).

One sunny morning, the little boy woke up extra early.. “This morning is special” he thought, while his mommy dressed him and put on his shoes. He held his mommy’s hand as they walked to the car. Peppa sat with him happily while his mommy drove off.. Peppa always had a smile on her face and so did her brother, George! They were the perfect car companions.

The car stopped and the little boy jumped out of the car with excitement. It really WAS a special day.. They were at the park! The little boy loved going to the park – He could roll in the grass, play in the sand, look at the flying birds and smell the colorful flowers.

But this time, their morning at the park was unlike any other; he made a new friend and her name was Auntie Racha. Auntie Racha had a soft voice, a heart-warming smile and she was carrying a really big box. He couldn’t wait to see what was inside that box!

They stopped at a grassy shaded area and Auntie Racha began to take all sorts of exciting items out of her box. She took out a large red mat, some baskets, fruits, a jug, some glasses and a bunch of colorful decorations. They were going to have a picnic!!!! The little boy was ecstatic and so were Peppa and George!

They all sat down with mommy and started to eat some fruit before playtime. Auntie Racha pulled one more item out of the box, it was a camera!

A few days later, his mommy showed him some pictures of that beautiful picnic day at the park,”Auntie Racha took these photos, aren’t they magical?!”.

The little boy smiled.. He had made lots and lots of memories that day and Auntie Racha managed to capture every single one of them.. She made magic!

*The End*

Racha Hallak is a lifestyle photographer based in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.  She is the amazing woman behind @Rachahallakphotography on Instagram and ‘Racha Hallak Photography’ on Facebook.

My experience with Racha was just perfect – Firstly, i was lucky enough to win a 50% discounted voucher! (Racha’s instagram page is full of surprises and fun competitions with amazing prizes).

She also helped me pick out a theme that Khaled and i both loved and went great lengths to make our photo shoot as personal as possible. It honestly didn’t even feel like a photo session! We were chatting the whole time and she would casually work her magic in between.

Every single photo that she took was spontaneous and beautiful.. Her attention to detail is impeccable! It took me ages to finally decide on the ones i wanted because i wanted them all (no surprise here!).

I will let the photos speak for themselves, enjoy xx



Khaled’s Outfit Deets: Cardigan (Baby Dior), Tee (Burberry), Jeans (Mothercare), Shoes (Adidas), Sunnies (Babiators)

My Outfit Deets: Top (H&M), Jeans (American Eagle Outfitters)

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