Caboodle (Pamper & Play)

Markette 175

The weather was a bit too windy for my liking last weekend and when the weather prevents us from having fun outdoors, i start to think of all the possible indoor solutions to keep my fussy toddler entertained.

Being lucky enough to live in Dubai, the indoor play area options are endless. So why Caboodle, you might ask?

Well, it’s pretty obvious really..

I first discovered Caboodle in Dubai Mall.. I remember passing by the cafe with the enormous toy giraffe and wondering what that’s all about. My curiosity got the best of me and i turned to my trusted life companion; ‘Google’, which led me to their website:

I was amazed to find out that it wasn’t just a cafe (that had a thing for giant giraffes) – It was also an indoor play park and a salon for both kids and adults! And it doesn’t end there.. They offer one-on-one babysitters that can watch over your kids while you try and finish off that endless shopping list, or while you finally get those nails done (score!).

Khaled has an absolute blast there every single time. They have a reading section (targeted for mostly younger children) full of books, bean bags and sensory toys. Then they have the toddler + older kids section that’s full of all sorts of fun:

  • Educational toys (learn through play)
  • Arts and Crafts section (creativity + imagination)
  • Costume closet (role play)
  • Toy cars, see-saws, slides, jungle gym (physical development)

In addition to the above, they also offer a range of classes/activities for babies, toddlers and kids such as dance, gym, art and cooking every day of the week.

I know this probably seems like a paid post, but it honestly isn’t. I do tend to obsess over the things that i love  – and now with Khaled in the picture, i seem to obsess over the things that he loves too! (Exactly why i added a motherhood tab to this blog, so i can rant endlessly about all things ‘Khaled’).

Their salon area is quiet and peaceful as opposed to the play area (good job with that, Caboodle!) and their kiddie salon section is full of distractions (iPads, toys, seats with car handles) that will keep your kids happy while they get their hair cut. They also stock some of my favorite baby products such as Four Cow Farm and Original Sprout.

Caboodle branches are located in Dubai Mall, City Walk (my favorite) and Galleria Mall, Abu Dhabi. Each branch is designed differently than the other so you get a different experience in every location, which is genius!

So, if you’re stuck in on weekends and want to entertain your kids, check Caboodle out and let me know what you think! Also, if you have any other suggestions for in-door play areas, please hit me up with some ideas.

Enjoy the pics xx

Markette 168Markette 169Markette 170Markette 174Markette 176Markette 179Markette 164

Khaled’s Outfit Deets: Top (Baby GAP), Jeans (Mothercare)

Caboodle Branch: City Walk



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