Urban Picnic Brunch @ Vida Downtown


I’ve been planning to go to the beach for decades (girl drama) with no luck what-so-ever.. My weekend dreams of eating watermelon wedges under the sun were blown away by dusty winds and cloudy skies..

The bright side to this sob story is that i did manage to eat that watermelon wedge under the sun (with flowers in my hair too!).. I also got a picnic hamper full of gourmet salads, sandwiches, pastries and every picnic-y snack that could possibly cross your mind..picnic goals i tell you!

Vida Downtown’s 3in1 picnic brunch may not be situated on a sandy beach – but who needs the beach when you’ve got beautiful pool-side cabanas, delicious food and a DJ playing your favorite songs?!!!! *Trying to get JLo’s song about DJ’s out of my head arghhhh*

I was super excited when i received the invite to try out 3in1’s picnic brunch – main reason being ‘picnic’ and ‘brunch’ of course! Obvious statements aside – I had actually read so much about it a couple of months back while i was googling ‘Picnic spots in Dubai’ what happens on google stays on google.


 The tables were covered in faux grass mats and everything was a beautiful shade of green with a hint of purple. Rows of perfectly arranged picnic hampers awaited us as we entered. The restaurant literally went all out to give you that gourmet 5 star picnic experience that you would only find in Dubai!

We were seated at a pool-side table on the terrace with music playing in the background as my friend and i smiled at each other in excitement! The ambience was just beautiful and instantly gave us happy Saturday morning vibes.

My curiosity to check out the buffet got the best of me so i grabbed a picnic hamper and got right to it!


Hungry yet?! I KNOWWW!!! Their spread of picnic sandwiches, salad jars, pies, pastries and cheese selection were to die for! Everything i tried was just bursting with flavor and perfectly portioned to fit into the picnic hampers – which made the whole ‘picnic’ experience even more real and enjoyable.

In addition to the savory options – an array of sweet treats were waiting for us by the entrance.. strategically placed to lure people in, and rightly so!


And the food didn’t end there! We were told to ask for the ‘main course’ once we were ready!!! And to our surprise, they served us a sea food bucket, steaks, mashed potatoes, butter chicken, paneer stir fry and grilled jumbo prawns accompanied with condiments all on our table.


I was officially stuffed, to say the least and spent the rest of the afternoon soaking up the beats and sipping on watermelon coolers (that i ladled out of actual carved watermelons! ahh the attention to detail!!).

Vida Downtown’s urban picnic brunch is available at 3in1 restaurant every Friday and Saturday, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM.


  • AED 295 (inclusive of unlimited soft beverages and juices)
  • AED 345 (inclusive of unlimited house beverages)
  • AED 495 (inclusive of unlimited bubbly)

For reservations, contact them on: +971 4 888 3444 or dine@vida-hotels.com

Enjoy xx


Outfit Deets: Top & Pants: Zara, Sunnies: Rayban, Jelly bag: Furla



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