Khaled Turns TWO!


Khaled turned two last weekend! I know i probably say this too much, but time really does fly.. I still remember celebrating his first birthday and all the joy, tears and fears that came with it.

His second birthday however, came with it’s own set of emotions, mixed feelings and     DRRRR-AAAA-M-A!

I had less than 3 weeks to prepare everything and the fact that i was celebrating in another country made things much more challenging (and exciting!! i love a good challenge).

The theme was ‘construction pals’; lots of trucks, construction props, signs and destruction (from Khaled’s part)! I think it’s the perfect theme for toddlers – one can really go wild with all the ideas related to the theme and games that match. The kids had an absolute blast and so did we! Thanks for the suggestion Racha 🙂

Drama: Unfortunately, Khaled had the flu on his birthday and was quite the little party pooper.. He refused to wear his builder vest and hard hat.. Refused to play with the kids.. Refused to engage with his surroundings and completely shut everyone and everything out!

Emotions: The highlight of our evening was blowing the candles on the cake! A large smile formed on Khaled’s face as we all sang happy birthday and helped him blow out the candles. “Again!!” he ordered us to light the candles once more. This came as a huge surprise since he cried buckets last year..

Mixed Feelings: My sweet (but grumpy) little boy.. you have grown so much! As happy as i am to be able to give you endless love every step of the way – You are getting older and it pinches my heart a little. 


Table Set-Up: I decided to go with orange and yellow tones with a hint of black to make the centerpiece items stand out such as the cake, cupcakes and snacks.

Banners, napkin holders, signs, snack flags, water bottle stickers, labels and photo booth props were all printed out from Etsy. They have tons of ideas, printable items and party decorations related to the theme – I went absolutely nuts trying to pick out a design i liked best! I also had the option of customizing the printable decorations with Khaled’s name which added a personal touch.


For those that plan early – Amazon is a great choice for construction party props such as hard hats and builder vests for kids. You can also go all out and purchase road works cones and proper signs! Unfortunately, time was not on my side so i had to try and make-do with what was available here in the UAE and easy to pack in a luggage bag.

I found bright blue hard hats in Daiso and small tool kits which were perfect to hand out to the kids at the beginning of the party to get them in the mood.

The builder vests were the biggest challenge! I got vests and hard hats for the adults from Dragon Mart, but couldn’t find any for the kids *sobs silently*. My mother was lucky enough to find a builder costume for Khaled, which he didn’t wear!! But we tried ahem.


Party snacks were pretty basic; crisps, cheese samosas, sausage rolls, mini pizzas, mini cheese croissants, cupcakes and sweet treats such as chocolate, lollipops and candy.

The photo booth area was a big hit with both kids and adults.. We all spent a fair amount of time trying to pose as builders with our giant hammers, drills and pliers.

As for the games, my amazing nieces came up with construction themed pictionary, charades and puzzles. I came across a whole bunch of games on pinterest for larger outdoor parties such as building houses out of cardboard boxes and digging items out of sand barrels.

It was time for Khaled to open his presents and he was ecstatic to find a Peppa pig toy house with little figurines of Peppa, George and all their friends! He was a changed baby after that; all smiles, chatty and a very happy birthday boy (at last)!

Happy birthday to my little boy, you are the cherry on top of my world!

Enjoy the pics xx


Cake: Sugar Pie Bakery @sugarpiebakery

Cupcakes: Romy’s Kitchen @romys_kitchen


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