Interview: Cecile Reinaud – Séraphine


I had the pleasure of interviewing businesswoman, designer and mother; Cecile Reinaud whom i met during the opening of Seraphine (an international maternity fashion label) at Dubai Festival City Center.

Cecile is the founder and designer of the maternity label and boy am i glad that her store has finally opened here in the UAE!

The store boasts elegance and class from the moment you step in with it’s beautiful tones of royal purple and white.


As a woman that was once pregnant, bloated and felt very unattractive.. I could only wish that Seraphine had been open at that time.. I found it extremely difficult to find maternity wear that was actually flattering and fun! Most of the designs out there were simply out-dated, obvious and designed to serve one purpose only; to contain that baby bump!

I strongly believe that pregnant women should have equally stylish options which is where Seraphine comes in. The selection is just grand with chic pieces and designs to suit every expecting momma out there without compromising their style! It honestly doesn’t even feel like a maternity store.. I could relate to the dresses and wanted to wear more than one although i wasn’t even preggers hah!

Cecile’s stunning maternity wear has been seen on royals and Hollywood stars alike such as the Dutchess of Cambridge and Halle Berry to name a few. To view the endless list of celebrities and how they wore their favourite Seraphine pieces check out:

Enjoy the interview xx



1)      It was a pleasure meeting you at the Seraphine store launch in Dubai. The collection is simply stunning. As the designer behind the brand – What inspires your designs?

Thank you, and it was lovely to meet you too! I find inspiration all over, from catwalk shows to stylish women I see on the street, sometimes even the clothes I see the girls at the Seraphine office wearing! I am always aware of the latest trends and I love creating signature prints. The design journey always starts with sourcing interesting fabrics and prints and then we decide which shape works for each fabric. Of course on a personal level my own two pregnancies have been a huge source of inspiration which I still draw on for ideas today.

2)      Your maternity line has been worn by celebrities and royals! Who was the first celebrity you worked with?

Seraphine started life as a single maternity boutique in London’s Kensington, and it quickly gained a reputation as a celebrity hot spot. Our first celebrity clients were actually super models; Claudia Schiffer and Elle MacPherson both frequented the store in the early days and were big fans of the brand.

3)      How did it feel to have the duchess of Cambridge wear your line on numerous occasions?

Seeing the Duchess of Cambridge looking so stunning in Seraphine maternity clothes through both of her pregnancies has been one of the highlights of my career!

While expecting Princess Charlotte last year the Duchess had a winter pregnancy and wore several Seraphine maternity dresses including the Florrie Floral Print Maternity Dress, and I was honoured that she chose our Marina Maternity Coat for her big arrival on her first official visit to New York.

With Prince George, who was born in one of the hottest Julys I can remember, the Duchess preferred light summer maternity dresses. I was thrilled to see her leaving the hospital after the birth in our Blossom Knot Front Maternity Dress. And of course I’ll never forget the moment we first saw those beautiful first official pictures with the new baby Prince – The Duchess looked so stunning in our Fuchsia Knotted Maternity Dress!

4)      Out of all your designs, which one is your favourite?

Well of course the Jolene Knotted Dresses that the Duchess of Cambridge loved are very close to my heart. But another favourite of mine are the Faux-Leather Maternity Leggings. I always say, that at Seraphine we dress rock stars and royalty, and the leather leggings represent the other side of the fashion spectrum. They’re a great rock chic staple, and a celebrity favourite worn by Gwen Stefani, Anne Hathaway, Kimberly Wyatt and many others.

5)      I remember the days when I was pregnant – I had a very hard time picking out clothes. What piece of advice/clothing tips can you recommend to pregnant women?

I’m asked this question quite often, and the very best advice I can offer is to stick to your style! There’s no need to compromise on fashion, just because you’re pregnant – It’s simply a case of adapting your style to suit your new shape. If you love floaty summer dresses then opt for maternity dresses that nip you in at the empire waist to bring a bit of definition to your shape. And if you’re more of a fan of fitted bodycon styles, don’t be afraid to flaunt your bump! If dresses aren’t for you then invest in some flattering maternity jeans. The options are endless, and with great maternity clothes you’ll feel like your regular stylish self throughout your nine months.

6)      You look absolutely stunning! Please share one of your top beauty secrets (and how you maintain that gorgeous figure)

Thank you! I think my best beauty secret is my magic hair curling wand by Ghd – I’d be lost without it, and with two young boys to get up and ready for school, I’ve managed to streamline my morning hair routine down to just 5 minutes! I love yoga, and practice at least once a week and I drink lots of tea: green tea, black tea, herbal teas… which keeps me hydrated, energetic and reduces cravings!

7)      As a mother of two, and a very successful business woman – how do you manage to find a balance between the two?

Balancing young children with running a business was never going to be easy. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, so when my boys were younger I used to get frustrated about not having enough time. But as they’ve got older I’ve learned to relax a little – there’s no such thing as the perfect textbook mum, and of course it’s much easier now that they’re both at school. My trick is to make a list of ten things I want to achieve in a day, then cross out the four least important ones and accept that they just won’t happen today.  I aim to feel 100% satisfied when I’ve reached 60% of my daily goals. With this perspective of glass half full I find I have more positive energy that I can redeploy to both my business and my family.

8)      Name one guilty pleasure.

I must admit, I’m a bit of a sushi addict. Sushi Samba is my favourite restaurant in London, and recently I had the pleasure of trying the amazing chef Albert Adria’s avocado crab rolls at his 50 days residency in London’s Café Royal – simply outstanding food!

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