Ramadan, in my shoes

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Ramadan is a month that my family and i all look forward to for numerous reasons. This is my third Ramadan with Khaled – Which means that my nights spent on the sofa watching depressing Ramadan series have turned into nights spent watching Peppa Pig and friends! (not quite sure which is more depressing..)

Asides from the obvious, here are the reasons why i love Ramadan:

  1. The ‘Martha Stewart’ in me takes over, cooking apron-whisks-rolling pins and all! For some reason (probably the hunger..) all i want to do is cook (and eat. Did someone say samosa?!)
  2. I get to be my own Superwoman! In between work, chasing after a toddler and racing against time to have a ‘proper’ 3 course meal on the table for Iftar, i can say i’m pretty darn awesome *pats self on back*
  3. Friends. I have time to see MY friends.. The nights are long, the restaurants are bustling and it’s Ramadan; which means that 12:00 AM is more like 10:00 PM and that piping hot pot of Moroccan tea is just waiting for me (and only me.)
  4. My husband and i feel like newly weds again – With Khaled in bed by 9:00 PM we have nothing but each other and a list of movies ahead of us.. The night is young and so are we!
  5. I get to re-master (because i forget how to; on a yearly basis) my samosa wrapping skills.. Yes, i wrap them perfectly.. The perfect triangle filled with cheese and corn Y-U-M.
  6. Kaftans, kaftans and more kaftans!! Ramadan dresses replace my favourite pair of jeans and i dive back into my Arabic roots with style.
  7. Suhoor; the excuse you give yourself to have that shameful burger past 12:00 AM. For the record, i stopped having suhoor this year but it had to go on my list.
  8. Not eating. Being able to control my cravings. Standing my ground and fighting those voices in my head telling me to eat something-anything-everything!! Ramadan is all about self-control and i love it!

What do you love about this month?


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